About Us

Adam and Eve’s Tours was born out of a single thought “We live in one of the most amazing places in the world. How good would it be to share it with everyone?”

Meet Your Host

When a man named Adam and a woman named Eve meet, fall in love and marry, you can’t pass up the opportunity to call your new tour business – Adam & Eve’s Tours!

After fifteen years in an unrelated trade, I  decided that it was time to chase my dream. Time to be one of those lucky people who are happy to go to work in the morning.

And with the support of my lovely wife Eve, this dream is now a reality.

Although February 2020, may not have been the ideal time to walk into the tourism industry, recent global events have provided ample time to set a strong foundation and goals to drive this new business.

Our first itinerary to launch ‘Wine Not’  is focused on food and local producers in the Barossa Valley. The concept is “like a wine tour, without the wine”

We are also providing bus and driver hire services.

From there, the sky is the limit.

Gift Certificates

Available for any $ value and perfect for birthdays, corporate rewards, Christmas and more!